I don’t like about me sections. They make people seem pompous. And why are they always in 3rd person when the person it’s about is writing it? I don’t mind because I love using 3rd person!

Courtney is a fiercely independent young lady that loves Whataburger and Chik-Fil-A and has made numerous friendships through the drive through window. She enjoys wearing leggings especially when she’s not working out, which is most of the time. She loves mangoes and God’s mayo, AKA avocado. She enjoys singing loudly while driving with the windows down, doesn’t matter who sees. Her dog Mortimer is the only child she’ll ever need…and yes she will stuff him once he’s passed because nothing can replace him, NOTHING! Football is part of her life with the NY Giants and Florida State Seminoles being her main focus from August to January. She has a random collection of tattoos that she loves, just don’t ask her what they mean because they usually mean nothing. Like an old man, she enjoys gin and tonic and PBR. Sweet tea is the only way you can link her to the south. Lastly, she has a large enough collection of Betsey Johnson bags to open a store.

What more do you need to know?

Really though, my name is Courtney but you can call me Corn. I’m a Peace Corps Community Health Volunteer in Ecuador, I’ll be here until August 2015!